About Natalia


Natalia Nakova is a transpersonal development counsellor and teacher who works in the field of psychology, personal empowerment, and metaphysics. Her private practice and dedicated work delivers solutions into the lives of many who seek their innermost freedom, truth, understanding, harmony and peace.


Natalia conducts personal counselling sessions and workshops. She addresses all the topics related to human relationships, personal balance, inner freedom and the strength to “be yourself.”


Her unique and profound method looks into the energy and dynamics of all relationships that play an important part in our lives. These delicate, intrinsic connections, which all of us experience every day, are deeply aligned with our personal well-being. They align with our families – children, parents, relatives; our friends; our love relationships; our health; our professional encounters; our social circles, and society at large.


Natalia deeply appreciates being able to continuously gain insight through her work, and thus to deliver more and more valuable tools for personal success, inner growth and overall fulfilment for her clients.


Natalia Nakova may be contacted at: [email contact@natalianakova.com]


If you are interested in bringing Natalia Nakova to your city for private counselling and/or workshops, please email us at: contact@natalianakova.com


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