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“The Healing Power of Love” with the magical music of

Robert Haig Coxon


Meditative techniques


I am infinitely happy and grateful to the Master of Sound Robert Haig Coxon for the opportunity to use his miraculous music in creating these free meditations for you. His music can heal as it contains high frequency Codes of Light. Since 2011 this music has been an integral part of my life and work, of my development as a person and a healer of hearts.


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These meditation techniques are especially developed by Natalia. They are a powerful “tool” to help you recall the love inside of you and reconnect with it. They can help you find health, energetic freedom, inner peace and living life within the depths of your very being.

What is specific about this type of meditation is that it is not prepared in advance. Natalia creates a sacred space where everything happens impromptu. A space which is brought to life by the energy of the participants, and induces healing and personal wellbeing.

During meditation people connect to their own power and receive useful information and answers. Blocks and karmic connections are being spontaneously dissolved. Participants become aware of who they really are and why they are here. They acquire a state of harmony and peace with themselves.

These first meditations are for now only in Bulgarian, soon to be offered in English.

These meditations are copyright protected and can only be used free of charge on this website. Any distribution and reproduction thereof is illegal.

  The Healing Code – Activated!

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  I Am living Love!

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