“The communication with Natalia are a beautiful exchange of knowledge, experience, wisdom and love. She is always ready to assist in a gentle and yet profound way through the energy of Love. In her sessions, she is able to look deep into the essence of the human soul, to help those who seek deeper awareness, enlightenment, and inner-spiritual growth.
Through her knowledge and experience, she helps us to be more aware. She reminds us that we are ‘one with the Universe,’ which is Energy, and that everything around us and in each one of us, is an inseparable part of this Whole.
In a personal moment of crisis and the need to help a beloved human being, Natalia showed me how to master this lesson.
Results were there, very quickly.
I am grateful to Natalia… Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart!"
Latinka Vasileva, economist  Sofia, Bulgaria


"Natalia’s fine ability to nurture the heart and soul gives not only immediate practical results into one’s life, but also a deep and profound understanding of one’s purpose. It provided a perspective on who you are, and what you are there to do. Thank  you Natalia for mirroring to me exactly what I needed to know at this time.”
Maria Gloria E. Quantana Roo, Mexico


"Natalia helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Thanks to the session I had with her, I was able to realize and bring to the surface of my consciousness, the key blockages of my past. I wasn’t able to continue my spiritual journey without releasing them and there were some blockages I wasn’t even aware before the session. Then a miracle happened and during all the session, under the guidance of Natalia, I was deeply in touch with my soul. What I felt was a deeper awareness, understanding and acceptance of myself, releasing the pains from my past in moments of tears and enthusiasm. Now I feel purified and renewed, ready to move on. Sadness and non-acceptance are gone. And all thanks to the powerful energies that Natalia is able to channel. Dear Natalia, I will be always grateful to you from all my heart for this miraculous healing experience".
Antonia  – artist designer Rome, Italy 


“Natalia’s sessions, fully guided by a loving entourage of divine love, have been a wonderful and profound journey deep into the core of my being of light. The wisdom channeled through her could definitely help accelerate a shift in my consciousness and in my daily life. I’m full of gratitude for the quality and the integrity of her commitment to unveiling the Truth behind the veil of illusion.”
Chiara Vitali, holistic healer  Paris, France


“I am sure that you probably can do it by yourself, taking one step at a time, but why not do it by taking a few steps at a time … or big jumps? That is what Natalia did for me – helping me hear loud and clear what my Higher-Self had to tell me about my most important next step … a ‘jump’ actually. Natalia is the shortcut. She saves you the doubt and the wondering; saves you the ego interference. And she does it in such a loving way. I am so happy and grateful to her for all that.”
aYa – project manager Sofia, Bulgaria


“I am Khanthaly. and these words will hopefully be faithful to what I have experienced and continue to live after my session with Natalia. In a few words: It is the power of sweetness to achieve Essence. It is the power of the subtle messages sent, which began to rise when our life revealed misunderstandings that may seem huge. Through the accompaniment of Natalia, my eyes were opened by the huge opportunities available to me, and I had immediate effects on the same day! Intense! But no going back.
My warmest thank you!”
Khanthaly, France


"She helps us to find the missing pieces of ourselves and our lives and to resolve what has held us back for generations. Her work will truly leave an impact in your life, will help you to know your self and inner-world a little better, and will give you solutions where there seemed to be none before."



“Natalia has an incredible gift and that is to help us to resolve relationship issues. I have not met anyone yet with such a deep and profound insight. She has the ability to show us clarity, and helps us to see and know. She shows us practical solutions.”
Bryan – Florida, USA


“Very Dear Natalia: I am utterly grateful that my inner-self brought you into my life. Standing next to your light and energy full of love, fed me with a deep happiness and self-confidence. These were feelings which I seldom allowed myself to have, and which I now experience on a regular basis. Attending the love-filled guided meditation session and speaking with you, clarified the path I am walking and gradually building. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this Light on earth, which so many of us living creatures need in order to reach our own beautiful light. Take care Natalia. I am looking forward to hearing from you again very soon!!! I wish you lovely and bright days.”
Leilah – Paris, France


“I closed my eyes and I tried to relax…
I was sitting on the couch in Natalia’s home where she started her session.
I wouldn’t call this a session exactly, because what happened to me afterwards was like an Angel’s kiss and a deep remembering of something that is inside but which you completely forget. Who are you? Why are you? What is your purpose? What is this all about? She opened the doors to my divine freedom, giving me the understanding of the truth of my Soul! Then very slowly – sitting on the Natalia’s couch, I started to REMEMBER!
Thank you, dear Natalia, for you brightened my Awareness!”
Lydia Petkova, Consultant in Personal development – Sofia, Bulgaria


"All the cells in my body are chanting the sound of cosmic love, thanks to you, dear eternal magical soul! After yesterday’s session with you, I COMPLETELY FEEL AND KNOW that the divine love of the Supreme flows in my veins. It talks to me through my heart – in celebration. I’m really falling in love with myself! Thank you for who you are, and for the precious gifts you spread through your sacred mission in the name of love. Blessed be to you, Natalia, and the White Work you offer to humanity. May the Shining Sun of your heart be recognized, and may your Love go viral to anyone who is ready to receive it!"
Chiara –  Paris, France